Fresh from Florida Veg-A-Bird


1 large honeydew melon or Florida cantaloupe
1 small Florida yellow squash
1 cup cubed cheddar cheese
1 medium Florida yellow pepper
1 medium Florida red pepper
1 medium Florida green pepper, cut into squares
1 cup Florida cucumber, peeled and cubed
1 pint Florida grape tomatoes
8 pieces Florida carrots, cubed and slit 3 times at one end (This step should be completed by an adult or left out entirely)
2 whole cranberries
Bamboo skewers


  1. To keep the melon from rolling, cut a shallow slice off the rind to form a flat base.
  2. Attach the squash, large portion pointing up, to the melon with part of a bamboo skewer.
  3. Cut a square of green pepper in diagonally in half, forming two triangles. Cut a thin slice of red pepper for the wattle. Attach both using a toothpick to the squash.
  4. Attach two cranberries, one for each eye, using toothpicks.
  5. Cut red pepper into six strips for the feet and set into place.
  6. Alternate tomatoes, cheese, green pepper and cucumber on skewers to use as tail feathers. Top 8 pieces with slit carrots cubes. Insert skewers into the back of the melon.
  7. Slice 4 red pepper pieces and 5 yellow pepper pieces into ½-inch slices to use as side feathers. Stick the pepper slices in place with toothpicks.


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